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About EkaVrksa:

Welcome to EkaVrksa, an unique tea house experience as an entity of vrksa (Vri-K-sha : Tree - A symbol of life and endurance) lifespace pvt ltd.

The focus at Vrksa as an entity has always been to make sure we just not promote but also practice sustainable living using natural and organic products to the maximum extent possible. With that common vision, we created EkaVrksa to compliment our Organic health store - JivaVrksa and an artisan's world of arts and crafts - MayaVrksa

We at Vrksa organically thought how cool it would be for a bunch of like minded people interested in leading a healthy self sustainable living meet at a place, to just sit around, talk, read, to educate people who come in and want to learn more about how to change on to a healthy lifestyle.

Whether just meeting with friends or attending one of the events (Please visit our events page for more info about the events) we host at our facility, the throng of regular customers that frequent the teahouse is testament to the overall experience and the variety of tea that we carry in our store at EkaVrksa.

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