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Tea House:

Our expansive selection of nearly 100 tea varieties are sure to please both novice and a tea connoisseur alike. If you are a novice, please feel free to ask us for help and we will make sure you choose the right kind of tea for your taste and health. Whether you enjoy green teas, white teas, oolong teas, black teas, flavored teas or herbal teas, you will find all the familiar favorites as well as rare, limited edition teas.

So, How about a place to take it easy, sip a natural black tea made of best herbs we identified, boiled to the right temperature it needs to (don’t you worry... our tea experts know the right information and are always there to help you mix it up according to your needs!) and a bite of a home made cookie made right out of natural ingredients.

Yes! When you are browsing through our store, let it be our Organic section of the Store - Jiva Vrksa or Arts and crafts - Maya Vrksa or you are in for the choosing a right tea, please feel free to ask our team at store for a sample taste of our popular Tea Of The Month. Also, if you want to taste a sample of particular tea before buying; please ask us. We would gladly be able to help you with that.

And do not forget to peep in and look at whats happening at the events focused on sustainable healthy living in our store. We believe, we together can make a huge impact by leaving less footprint on earth by going natural and following a basic lifestyle.

Hope you find the best choices of tea at our Tea House.
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